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Complete, Balanced Nutrition®

The Ensure family of products provides active adults with a source of nutrition that can help them focus on specific nutritional goals. Such goals include helping to rebuild muscle and strength naturally lost over time, supporting digestive tract health and the immune system, and helping build strong bones. Ensure is available in a variety of uniquely formulated, ready-to-drink, shakes in popular flavors, as well as in pudding and powder forms. Intended for oral consumption, Ensure is ideal for supplemental use with or between meals and for interim sole-source feeding in convenient, ready-to-drink, bottles.

Other products in the Ensure family include Ensure Clear, a great-tasting, clear liquid medical food that's fat free, low residue, and contains high-quality protein and essential nutrients; and Juven®, a therapeutic medical food drink mix that helps build lean body mass to support healing after injury, surgery, and wounds (use under medical supervision).

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