Experience the Power to Help Reduce Rehospitalizations through Nutrition

You can lead the way by participating in Abbott Nutrition’s Feed the 485 Initiative.
By the time clients enter your care, many are already malnourished. Left unaddressed, this can lead to unnecessary complications and rehospitalizations. That’s why we are launching the Feed the 485 Initiative. Too often there is a blank space on the 485 where nutrition requirements should be. Filling in this space can make a difference in the health of your patients.
Studies show nutrition intervention can improve outcomes and help reduce hospitalizations.1
Together, we can positively impact outcomes and ultimately strengthen referral relationships
The key to the Feed the 485 initiative is an easy to implement 3-step nutrition intervention program: Find, Feed, Follow™.
FIND clients with or at risk for malnutrition
FEED clients the appropriate nutrition supplement to improve outcomes
FOLLOW clients’ progress to encourage adherence and measure outcomes results
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1Tackling Malnutrition: Oral Nutritional Supplements as an integrated part of patient and disease management in hospital and the community. A summary of the evidence base. Medical Nutrition International Industry, July 2010.

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