Abbott Nutrition Health Institute was founded to illuminate the power of science-based nutrition through education, advocacy and collaboration with the purpose of helping health care professionals improve patient outcomes and enhance the health of people worldwide.

Abbott Nutrition Health Institute
  • Conducts research conferences among world-wide experts on nutrition-related topics
  • Conducts symposia at international conferences
  • Is an accredited provider of continuing education for U.S. dietitians and nurses
  • Is a resource for articles, clinical tools, nutrition guidelines, clinical studies and related sites of interest

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Resident Learning Center

Abbott Nutrition provides Residents and their program faculty members with this new online training resource. In this learning center Residents will find educational resources and evidence-based programs that will be a major contribution to the field of pediatric education and to the health of children in the United States.

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EAS Academy

The EAS Academy is an objective and trusted provider of high quality scientific and practical nutrition information and educational materials, in a variety of formats, for health and fitness professionals.

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