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Get the answers to frequently asked questions about how Abbott Nutrition manages CCPA consumer requests.

Q: What is CCPA?

A: CCPA is a new privacy law, which is set to take effect on January 1, 2020, with enforcement beginning July 1, 2020. The goal of CCPA is to enhance the privacy rights of residents of California by imposing new obligations on businesses that collect consumer data from the state's residents.

Q: What rights does the CCPA grant California residents?

A: The focus of CCPA is to further California residents right to privacy by giving them an effective way to control information by providing the following rights: (1) right to notice, (2) right to access, (3) right to opt out (or right to opt in), (4) right to request deletion, and (5) right to equal service and price.

Based on the California Consumer Privacy Act, we are only required by law to delete California residents' data upon request; however, we are extending that right to all US residents, but California residents will be given priority.

Q: How do we provide notice to consumers?

A: CCPA provides consumers the right to know what information is collected and whether personal information is disclosed and to whom. At or before the point of collection, California consumers must be provided a privacy notice that clearly explains:

  • The categories of personal information collected;
  • The sources from which that information is collected,
  • The purpose for which the personal information is collected or sold,
  • The categories of third parties the consumers’ information will be shared with,
  • Two methods for submitting information requests, including a toll-free number and a website address (if applicable); and
  • The consumers' rights and how they can be exercised.

Q: What are the requirements for the sale of consumer data?

A: CCPA provides consumers with the right to opt out of the sale of their personal information by businesses. For businesses that sell personal information from California consumers, a Do Not Sell My Personal Information (DNSMPI) link must be included on the home page of all websites operating in California, as well as in any California-specific section of their Privacy Policies. Because Abbott Nutrition does not sell personal information, a DNSMPI link is neither needed nor required. Abbott Nutrition only shares personal information with service providers that help our organization fulfill specific business functions, such as technical support, customer service, and payment processing.

Q: How do we handle requests for consumer access?

A: CCPA provides consumers the right to request access to information that has been collected, disclosed, or sold over the past 12 months. We are required to provide consumers with information after they have made a verifiable request, within 45 days of receiving the request, and in an easily readable format.

Our system searches only for the name and email address we have on file. A consumer can submit a new request using any additional email addresses they may have had and/or any variation of their name they may have initially provided to Abbott Nutrition.

A consumer that requests access to their information will have 90 days to retrieve it after receiving the Request Completion email. If the consumer can’t locate the link to their data, they can call 800-986-8850 to regain access.

Q: How do we handle requests for deletion?

A : CCPA provides consumers the right to request that a business delete their personal information. If a consumer requests deletion of their personal information, we are required to respond within 45 days of receiving the request. Under specific circumstances, we are required to delete the customer's personal information and request that our service providers also delete the customer's personal information.

To protect consumer safety and sometimes by law, Abbott Nutrition is unable to delete some consumer data. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for additional information.

Once a consumer requests we delete their data from our systems, we will delete all of their information that we are able to delete and we will have no way of sending any communications, including coupons, to them.

Q: What are the requirements for nondiscrimination?

A: CCPA prohibits a business from discriminating against a consumer because they exercise their rights under the CCPA. If a consumer opts out of the sale of their personal information, we are prohibited from: (1) denying goods or services, (2) charging a higher price, or (3) providing goods or services of a different (i.e., lower) quality. There is an exception to this rule, which can be viewed here . However, as a best practice, Abbott Nutrition businesses do not discriminate against a consumer if an individual opts to exercise their privacy rights.

Q: Which Abbott Nutrition groups or functions does CCPA apply, and which are exempt?

A: Brand Ambassadors: Personal information collected from an Abbott Nutrition Brand Ambassador participant who is a resident of California is subject to CCPA.

Business Partners: Personal information collected from an Abbott Nutrition Business Partner who is a resident of California is exempt from CCPA.

Clinical Trial Participants: Personal information collected from clinical trial participants is exempt from CCPA.

Employees, Contractors, Job Applicants, and Retirees: Personal information collected from Abbott Nutrition employees, contractors, job applicants, and retirees is exempt from CCPA. It is important to note, if the personal information collected for employment is intended for sale (i.e., used to market goods and services), and they are residents of California, then their data is subject to CCPA.

Healthcare Providers: Personal information collected from a healthcare provider (through in-person conferences, trainings, websites, marketing events, or similar activities) who is a resident of California is exempt from CCPA.

US Residents: CCPA is only applicable to California residents.

Q: How can consumers request access to and deletion of their information?

A: The Abbott Nutrition privacy policy will provide consumers with two methods for submitting information requests, which include: (1) a link to a webform where they can submit a request for information online, and (2) a toll-free number. Webforms are available to the public via the AbbottNutrition.com Consumer Rights Requests web page.

Because of the verification and documentation requirements, our systems process one request at a time. You can initiate an additional request by completing another request form.