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An Important Announcement from Abbott Nutrition

Abbott Nutrition (AN) has discontinued the manufacture, lease and sale of all enteral device products in the U.S. (and Puerto Rico) — including pumps, disposable sets, tubes, kits and related device accessories. Abbott Nutrition enteral device products are no longer manufactured and will no longer be available. In addition, AN is no longer accepting returns for any medical devices, and your facility is responsible for proper disposal of any such device product in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

This decision allows us to focus even more on bringing innovation to our oral and enteral nutrition portfolio of products.

Abbott Nutrition will continue to offer our full line of oral and enteral nutrition products.

Pump Disposal Instructions:

Prior to disposal, the power cord should be cut off each pump to render it un-usable. Pumps are to be disposed of in a manner that is consistent with local guidelines for electronic waste. Note that all Abbott pumps contain sealed lead-acid batteries and electronic circuit board components that may have unique disposal requirements in your area.

Abbott continues to market Enteral Nutrition Devices outside of the U.S., Puerto Rico and Canada. For more information on the availability of the device products in your country, contact your local Abbott office.

Identify an Alternative Enteral Device Supplier